SMJUHSD Hosts Rocketing Into High School

Rocketing Into High School

August 4, 2022

Nearly two dozen incoming RHS, PVHS and SMHS students built and launched rockets during SMJUHSD’s Rocketing Into High School 2022 Summer Experience on August 2nd and 3rd at PVHS.

The adventure featured science teachers and students exploring the wonders of science and participating in the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) Engineering Design Challenge, according to Warrior Science Teacher Rebecca Wingerden. The free event included lunch both days.

“It’s a great jump start into high school for me,’’ said incoming RHS student Katharine Holt-Rhodes. “By doing this, I’m able to understand the beginning of 9th grade science. I had a great time.’’

“It was really fun,’’ said incoming SMHS student Isaiah Canongo. “The best part of it was putting the parachute inside the rocket. I feel way more comfortable with what science will be like in high school now.’’

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