ERHS Hosts Rally for Día de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos

Students and staff at Righetti High School will be able to celebrate the lives of loved ones and fallen warriors with a rally featuring live music and dancing during Da de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on Nov. 2.

The event was organized by the student group Latinos Unidos and starts about 12:15 p.m. at the Greek Theater. It will feature a performance by the Ballet Folklórico and Marimba Band. Students and staff are also planning to dress up and face paint colorful skulls, flowers, and other Day of the Dead motifs.

“With the rally, I hope to share one of our many beautiful traditions that is celebrated within all of Latin America. Not only is this event important because of its meaning but by doing this we are able to include students that wouldn’t normally celebrate it and help others stay in touch with their roots. Overall, I think embracing our culture is very important at the end of the day since it’s what helps us be who we are! – Crystal Campos, Latinos Unidos Treasurer, senior.

Día de los Muertos is a very personal event, without the exposure of Latinos Unidos holding this rally annually, I wouldn’t have been participating in it. I am connecting with my culture, while educating other students on ways they can connect with theirs by hosting traditional games, dances, etc. I hope this rally serves a purpose to push students to move forward with enduring their ethnicity.’’ – Carlos Gonzalez, Latinos Vice President, senior.

“I think the Día de los Muertos rally is a great way to bring the school together. Everyone is excited and having fun at the rally while also learning about Hispanic culture. We have as much fun planning it as we do executing it.’’ – Samantha Perez, Latinos Unidos Public Relations, senior.

“I’m so excited to put on this event once again for our students. We’re going to be back in the Greek Theater where I watched my first Día de los Muertos rally four years ago. This event allows students to learn about Latin American Culture and traditions through fun activities and live performances. Día de los Muertos is a Latin American holiday that honors deceased loved ones but also celebrates the beauty of life. I hope that students can leave the rally knowing a little more about our culture and be proud of who they are and where they each come from.’’ – Susana Espinoza, Latinos Unidos President, senior.

“The Día de los Muertos rally, face painting and altar decorating contest represent ancestral knowledge, cultural traditions, and our humanity. I feel proud and happy to share these traditions with our school community. I hope these events serve to remember and honor those who are no longer here but will forever live in our hearts.’’ – Patricia Villalobos, Latinos Unidos Club Advisor and Spanish Teacher.

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