PVHS Seniors Participate in National Signing Day

PVHS National Signing Day

May 3, 2022

More than 400 Pioneer Valley High School seniors, who plan to take their education to the next level, attended National Signing Day on Tuesday, May 3.

The Panthers are on their way to UCs, CSUs, AHC, other colleges and universities, as well as trade schools and the military.

The students were recognized by their counselors and officially signed a certificate. Students who completed the A-G admission requirements received a t-shirt reading, “Look at Me, I’m A-G”. The celebration took place about noon to 1 p.m. inside the gym.

“I’m ready to experience something different from my norm and create my new future,’’ said senior Cora Cital, who is headed to CSUN.

“The recognition is well deserved,’’ said Principal Shanda Herrera. “We wish them the best!’’

Panther Career and College Specialist Melani Teixeira agreed adding, “We know they will accomplish great things and have successful lives.”

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