UCSB Students Speak to SMHS Classes

UCSB Students Speak to SMHS Classes

UCSB students, including SMHS alumni Jazmin Ramirez, recently spoke to SMHS Chicano/Latino Studies and US History students about attending the 30th annual Latine College Day on April 29th.

Latine College Day began as Raza College Day 30 years ago by a group of dedicated students who felt the need to address the lack of Chicanx/Latinx students at UC Santa Barbara and the broader higher education system, according to Erik Magana, UCSB student and guest speaker. The one-day outreach event, which is hosted by El Congreso de UCSB, takes place on the UCSB campus, and will include about 400 students from Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties, Magaña added.

“The presentation that the UCSB students gave our class was very enlightening,’’ said Marlene Rodriguez, junior. “They talked a lot about prioritizing your mental wellbeing and that it’s important for you to continue to take care of yourself even when you feel stressed or have been swamped with homework. They helped me understand that the cost of burning yourself out can be worse than taking a day just to be you. Also, they touched on what it means being a Latinx college student and how it is important to find your people, and friends that can help you do and be better; even in a college where they lack diversity, finding your people is important. They elaborated how making connections with different and new people is vital as well.’’

“I am a proud alumnus of Latine College Day,’’ said Ricardo Valencia, Saint Chicano/Latino Studies Teacher. “When I attended this conference in high school, it inspired me to become an educator so I can uplift my community through education. Seeing and hearing from Latinx college students was a mirror of what I could become. It also reminded me of the importance of being proud of my Chicano heritage. This conference has a profound impact on all the students that attend.’’

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